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We are a strategy and
design consultancy and we call each other Scouts. Together, we create ideas worth fighting for.

Black Lives

We stand with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and all the other Black lives senselessly lost to racist violence by those in power.

We stand with the millions of people around the world calling for justice, demanding action from leaders and government, and protesting for widespread institutional change.

As an organization that operates within an unequal and racist system, we are coming to terms with the ways in which we have failed the Black community. We recognize that when we have chosen to maintain the status quo, we have perpetuated inequity. We recognize that while we have strived for a diverse and inclusive environment, we ignored underlying systemic issues.

We recognize that we have failed our BIPOC employees in that we have not consistently created a supportive environment where their talents were recognized and valued. We recognize that open-mindedness and dialogue are not enough. What matters is the change that follows.

It is time for action and we are ready to do our part. We will start with 5 immediate actions:

  1. We will require ongoing bias training for leadership and managers.
  2. We are implementing transparent salary bands and addressing any discrepancy to ensure fair pay across levels and disciplines.
  3. We are rebuilding our talent sourcing and interviewing process to ensure all candidates are assessed fairly and require 50% of the candidates considered for any position be BIPOC.
  4. We will ensure that in all our work BIPOC voices are represented, amplified and heard by our clients. We are developing and enforcing guidelines for vendors and experts that help shape our perspective, as well as research recruitment guidelines to this effect.
  5. We will continue to support and fund our employee-led Inclusion and Belonging Committee to hold leadership accountable to these commitments and guide the future steps we will take together.
These commitments are just the beginning. We are actively exploring other ways to accelerate the change we must make, including partnerships with mentorship programs to support young BIPOC talent, donating time and services to BIPOC-allied organizations, and forming of a board of advisors to ensure we have guidance from other senior leaders on our decision-making. We will revisit our commitment on a quarterly basis, share updates on our progress and new actions we choose to pursue.

As individuals, an organization, and a society, there is a lot of work to do. Now is the time to take action and to hold each other accountable to the promises we make. We are ready.


In response to 600 & Rising's call to action, we #CommitToChange to publish our diversity data. We commit to hire, train and promote more BIPOC at Redscout as diverse perspectives, backgrounds, life experiences and points of view are what create our ideas worth fighting for.



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We are a strategy and
design consultancy and we call each other Scouts. Together, we create ideas worth fighting for.


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