Katey Hannaby Katey Hannaby
Katey Hannaby

Katey Hannaby

As a Strategist, Katey has had the opportunity to work with brands across a broad spectrum of categories, everything from hospitality to F&B, luxury fashion/beauty to FMCG, and beyond. Her career has given her the opportunity to explore a range of strategic disciplines having started in digital media, moving to creative advertising, and now settling in brand strategy.

Originally from the UK, but having moved around the globe throughout her life, Katey brings a unique international sensibility to the way she approaches her work. She has a deep passion and curiosity for understanding the similarities and differences between human behavior across the world.

When OOO, Katey can be found running around the streets of Brooklyn, cooking up a concoction in the kitchen, seeking out the latest new restaurants to try, or at JFK — jetting off on her next backpacking adventure.