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We reshape brands and create new ones, rally internal culture and guide innovation.

Our Tools


Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Consumer, Cultural & Category Insights

Brand Equity Analysis

Whitespace Identification


Brand Positioning

Promise, Mission, Purpose

Portfolio Architecture

Innovation Strategy


Visual Identity & Art Direction

Product & Packaging Design

Service & Environmental Design

Culture Change & Socialization

The principles that
guide our work

1—Challenge how
you see the world

We challenge conventional ways of thinking and doing things. By bringing outside culture in through deeply ethnographic consumer research and a rich network of cultural experts, we’re always looking for a better approach that will get us to stronger ideas.

In-field research

Expert roundtables

Culture mining

2—Design the process
to shape your culture

The ambition of our work requires us to build close relationships with our client partners. Our entire process is centered on cross-functional collaboration and active socialization, because we know the importance of rallying teams to drive change.

Validation research with consumers

Stakeholder interviews

3—Make it real
early and often

To inspire action across an organization, we consider how the brand will exist and behave in the world and bring that to life. In doing so, we work in integrated teams, constantly designing, iterating, and prototyping to demonstrate the change we are trying to create.

Sketching and prototyping

Product and service design

Identity and visual systems development

Made by Scouts

To rally teams, we design purposeful
collaboration & active socialization so the work
becomes part of its culture.
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