Redscout is a brand strategy, design & innovation agency dedicated to transforming the futures of ambitious brands & businesses.


Our services are
focused in three
key areas


Brand Positioning
Consumer, Cultural and Category Insights
Brand and Portfolio Architecture
Brand Storytelling


Brand Development & Design
Product and Packaging


Innovation Pipeline Creation & Evolution
Service Innovation Design & Development
New-to-the-world Brand and Concept Creation



We believe that the best way to change a consumer’s perception of a brand is to change the way they experience it. We ask provocative questions until we unlock a new way to see a consumer, a brand or an organization.

We don’t just solve problems, we’re experts in them. We wrestle with them, geek out on them. Sometimes we completely reframe them. Truly understanding the problem is halfway to solving it.

We innovate for the real world through a deep focus on the culture around us. We understand how people truly live and how to better solve for their everyday needs, as well as their fantasies.

We tell it like it is, even if it can be tough to hear. We’ve been called “Masters of the obvious” for our ability to filter the noise and reveal the pieces that unlock real change.


Meet the Leadership

  Kelli Adams Design Director

Kelli AdamsDesign Director

  Sabine Dowek Design Director

Sabine DowekDesign Director

  Ivan Kayser Chief Strategy Officer

Ivan KayserChief Strategy Officer

  Natalie Smith General Manager, NY

Natalie SmithGeneral Manager, NY

  Marina Ammirato Head of Growth

Marina AmmiratoHead of Growth

  Michael Greenblatt Head of Design

Michael GreenblattHead of Design

  Mike Levtchenko Global Head of Finance & Operations

Mike LevtchenkoGlobal Head of Finance & Operations

  Ashley Stewart Communications Director

Ashley StewartCommunications Director

  Danielle Betras Strategy Director

Danielle BetrasStrategy Director

  Ben Himowitz Strategy Director

Ben HimowitzStrategy Director

  Eric Matis Strategy Director

Eric MatisStrategy Director

  Jonah Disend Founder & Chairman

Jonah DisendFounder & Chairman

  Liesje Hodgson Strategy Director

Liesje HodgsonStrategy Director

  Jennifer Schwalb Head of Talent and HR

Jennifer SchwalbHead of Talent and HR