Scout Profiles: Ivan Kayser, Head of Strategy, New York

Ivan Kayser

Who: Ivan Kayser

Position: Head of Strategy

Where: New York

Congrats Ivan!

Ivan Kayser has been promoted as Redscout’s Head of Strategy in New York. In his new role, he will lead our strategy team in New York to invent, prototype and commercialize new products, services and experiences that help the brands we partner with achieve their potential in profound new ways. Ivan is a proven leader and innovator who has sharpened Redscout’s focus though his strategic leadership on brand partnerships like Google. He has also been a force behind helping entertainment brands like A+E and Freeform gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and unlock new revenue streams, and working with ADP to create new platforms and offerings that align with the future of work. 

“Technology, and the speed of innovation it enables, is changing the way organizations are led," said Ivan. “Understanding emerging trends, capturing patterns and identifying consumer and market insights is not just good strategy, it is critical to leading modern organizations.”

He added, “Redscout is uniquely poised to guide ambitious organizations in a challenging landscape. Our ability to capture the future in a brand idea is powerful, and our passion for inventing the future of a business or category is a superpower.”

#ScoutFacts: Ivan moved to New York 10 years ago from Paris, and he went to 13 different schools growing up.