AdWeek—Brands Are Really Jumping On the Upcoming Muppets Movie Release

It's hard to predict how Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted will fare at the box office in its opening weekend, but the run-up to Friday’s nationwide launch has been nothing short of a brandapalooza.

In the past six weeks, Toyota, Subway and Lipton have all rolled out ads featuring Kermit and the gang, beginning with a Toyota Highlander spot in the Feb. 2 Super Bowl. The co-branding efforts have extended online as well with videos and tons of social media support.

And why not? Disney, after all, is an aggressive marketer, and if brands are willing to fund such pushes, the more the merrier, right? Still, some of these marriages work better than others, even if all help sell the movie. Two branding experts—Landor Associates’ Allen Adamson and Redscout’s Daniel Wadia—channel Siskel & Ebert to critique the spots. 

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