Refreshing the Brand Vision,



The market for women’s handbags in the U.S. saw challenges in 2009 as the global economic decline pressed on. Bridge fashion category sales in particular showed a 25% loss from 2008. Kate Spade experienced a decline in line with that loss, while the brand's new jewelry and apparel lines, though relatively small at the time, showed strong growth and momentum.

Underlying the business issues, Kate Spade was lacking a clear vision with the recent departure of the company’s namesake and founder. As a result, retail, product and marketing efforts were challenged in presenting a compelling, unified voice to the consumer. Kate Spade approached Redscout to help turn around the decline by identifying the optimum strategic vision for the brand. 


We redefined Kate Spade with a positioning that delivers on its consumers’ fantasies with an emotional promise while staying true to the brand’s roots. It also brought focus and clarity to the design and marketing teams. We then worked closely with the leadership team at Kate Spade to help them bring this positioning to life in everything they do - from design and marketing, to new categories for growth, to their internal culture and beyond.