Transforming a Sports Drink Company
into a Sports Fuel Company.



Gatorade had long dominated the sports-drink world with 85% market share and had a compounded annual growth rate of 6%. However, in 2009, the brand suffered a 15.5% drop in sales, the first ever decrease in company history.

To reverse this distressing trend, Gatorade partnered with Redscout to figure out ‘what’s next’ for the brand. We saw an opportunity to refocus the brand on its true consumers – competitive athletes – and to drive the Gatorade business by innovating to meet their needs (Gatorade could no longer market their way out of trouble).



Rather than focusing solely on hydration and just creating new flavors, as Gatorade had for the past 40 years, Redscout posed a provocative question: What if Gatorade could meet ALL the needs of competitive athletes?

The Redscout team engaged with a wide range of athletes – professional, collegiate, high school, and fitness – in their locker rooms, at training camps, and at gyms. Based on our insights, Redscout created innovation platforms for Gatorade and developed a 5-year innovation pipeline. The first new innovation from these efforts was the G Series – a line of products designed to help athletes achieve their best before, during and after performance. Our team then worked closely with the Gatorade clients and its partner agencies to commercialize our concepts.